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This is the official Digital Bookstore of ACEworld Publishers.

Founded in August 2014, ACEworld (Publishers and Magazine) has lent a voice to thousands of writers and authors all over the world. Now we are hoping to, one day, give them that voice and not only that, gift them a home as well.

On July 2, 2020, ACEworld Publishers was ranked 17 in the Top 50 African Literature Blogs & Websites To Follow in 2020.

We also have a magazine where are known for exploring, acquiring and applying knowledge on EducationLiteratureOpportunities; together with publishing documentaries and opinion pieces

In a nutshell, ACEworld is a work in progress. This is another kind of Rome that hasn’t been fully built in 6 years and counting. It’s not our fault, the dream is too heavy. However, your support can go a long way in making the progress faster. Support ACEworld here

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