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Boys Are Not Stones Anthology IV: Words from the Editors

Boys Are Not Stones Anthology IV: Words from the Editors
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The first picture was in 2018, our first attempt at amplifying the silent groans of the boy child who implode the trauma and hurt of abuse because of what the world would say.  It was loud and controversial. The boy child movement was greeted with mockery. We weren’t deterred. This baby step was a huge success.

The second was in 2019, we put up another call for submissions. In all honesty, I dropped tears reading the submitted stories. True life stories that wouldn’t have been told, hadn’t we given the male folk a platform to vent and tell, and rant. We discovered “A Country of Broken Boys”, hoping on time to heal them.

For the 2020 edition, we decided to extend a hand of friendship to non-binary genders. Some of the entries are bold, telling stories of homosexual adventures in a homophobic culture. Told unashamedly, the writers draw our sympathy and invite us to read them without sentiments.

This year, as if as “Amen” to the prayer “We hope to talk of happy boys soon!” in the foreword to last year’s edition, we celebrate manhood and male folks. These men are fathers, friends, and heroes who do well at the job of providing, protecting and procreating. Pros and Demigods in truth and indeed. The boys can’t thank you enough when you join us.

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