Almuqadas—The Sacred by Principle’s Diary Islamic Movement

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Book Title: Almuqadas—The Sacred
Author’s Name: Principle’s Diary Islamic Movement
Publisher: ACEworld Publishers
Year of Publication: 2021

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For Muslims throughout the world, the sacred month of Ramadan is a time of great spiritual significance, because it is celebrated during the ninth month of the Islamic lunar calendar. Having said that, the month of Ramadan comes with abundant blessings from the perfect creator.

The idea to initialize this maiden Magazine is to remind Muslims across the globe how sacred Allah is. Allah, the most supreme is sacred in all ramifications.

This issue as the first of its kind seeks to bring out the beauty in the glorious month of Ramadan and how it means to a plethora of people, using literature as a channel. Creative writing plays an instrumental role in the lives of so many Muslims and its impact is one that’ll be felt in this issue

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