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How To Sell When Nobody’s Buying: (And How to Sell Even More When They Are)

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Author: Dave lakhani
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
ISBN: 978-0470-50489-5
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Selling changed and someone forgot to tell the sales teams. — Dave Lakhani

That quote is an interesting way to start a book about how to sell when nobody’s buying. That quote, combined with rapidly changing economic conditions, is the basis for why nobody’s buying.

Twentieth-century selling techniques are dead, but salespeople are trying to ignore its rotting corpse in boardrooms and business lunches around the world every hour of every day.

It’s time to face the facts: If you want to sell and succeed today, you have to update your skills. The techniques your sales manager learned in a seminar in 1974 that was based on tactics developed in 1954 aren’t going to help you today.

You must develop new strategies and new tactics that reflect the reality of these times — our times. This book will help you do that, but you have to be open to the idea that you are going to work harder and learn more than you have in the past so that you can thrive in the future. If you can’t commit to learning something new, no matter how long you’ve been selling, you should simply quit now; selling isn’t for you anymore.

Walk away with your dignity intact and find a new career.

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1 review for How To Sell When Nobody’s Buying: (And How to Sell Even More When They Are)

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    Amazing book. Recommended.

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