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The Accidental Public Servant by Nasir El-Rufai


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Author: Nasir El-Rufai
No. of Pages: 392
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As an avid reader and a lover of books, I have always had a healthy dose of respect for authors.

This respect has increased dramatically as I navigated through more than three years of writing this book, starting with an outline in Aspen, Colorado in July 2009.

I did not realize how difficult it is to write even a story in which one is intimately involved. I can only imagine how much tougher it is to write accounts in which one is not a principal actor.

I, therefore, owe debts of gratitude to many people who played various roles in getting this book written, and supporting me while I tried putting it together.

The sheer number of helpers means it is impractical to name them all, but I owe a special debt of gratitude to the following people: My immediate family, particularly my late father, Mallam Ahmad Rufai Muhammad and my mother Fatima Umma El-Rufai laid all the foundations.

My father’s last wish was an admonition to me to take reading, learning and education as a serious, lifetime duty.

My mother reminded me of this constantly and brought me up strictly to know the difference between right and wrong, and avoid wrongdoing that would tarnish our family name. My uncle, the late Alhaji Hamza Gidado, my cousin, MallamYahaya Hamza, and his kind-hearted wife, Guggo Zuwaira, continued this traditional upbringing that defined my world view.

I remain eternally grateful to them…

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