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You and Your Deeds by Principle’s Diary Islamic Movement


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Book Title: You and Your Deeds
Author’s Name: Principle’s Diary Islamic Movement
Publisher: ACEworld Publishers
Year of Publication: 2022
First Edition: Almuqadas—The Sacred (2021)

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This magazine you have before you is a true demonstration of embracing good deeds and encourages all; especially our readers to shun all vices/acts that are against the will of Allah, for indeed all deeds have their rewards. It is a remarkable achievement if we eventually embrace the good and dump the bad.

The purpose of this magazine (You and Your Deeds) is to motivate, inspire and be a catalyst in your own pathway of purpose. We are thrilled to have a publication to speak your mind, body and soul through the Quran and the Sunnah of our noble Prophet. In this issue, we focus on good deeds that Muslims can embrace, and what we ought to and not do as believers.

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Creative writing plays an instrumental role in the lives of so many Muslims and its impact is one that’ll be felt in this issue.

To this goal of being a deep and artful representation of our dear religion using the glorious month of Ramadan as a major voice, we are delighted to include a variety of creative pieces in this issue including brilliant articles, and many forms of poetry.

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